Columbus Ohio

Ohio travel starts with Columbus. Begin your two week travel Ohio tour by seeing what this engaging city has to offer. While there learn about Ohio State's exciting football activities, shop at their expansive mall, visit museums, and learn about the history of Ohio.

Leave time for museum visits. If you are vacationing with your family, Columbus will have something for each. For the artsy ones, there is the Wexner museum; for the rough and tough who like their computer games, have dad take them to the military history museum. Mom and the wee ones will be off to the museum for children.

With children, two days will probably give you enough time to sample most of the offerings. After that, you can head on out to explore Ohio's other interesting places. For that, get yourself a state map and plan out the rest of your Ohio vacation. The state has much to offer.

Before you leave Columbus, however, check out The Wexner museum. It is more than an interesting piece of architecture -- it is that -- housing paintings and sculpture -- it does that -- but it is also an interactive place with live theater productions and educational programs.

The Motts Military Museum, established in 1987 by Warren E. Motts, is in nearby Groveport, Ohio. It is a learning and teaching site that informs the public about military matters. Another place to visit for the studious and scientific members of the family is (COSI), the Columbus Center of Science and Industry. There you learn of antiquity and the latest about outer space.

And if there is time, try to take in the Ohio Craft museum. It is relatively new, opened in 1993, but is now filled with artists lectures, workshops for the whole family, and operates a summer day camp for kids aged six to twelve.